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Detecting And Defending Against Common Medical Ailments

With our equipment, you can quickly and accurately diagnose common medical concerns, such as:

  • Childhood lead poisoning
  • Strep A virus
  • RSV virus
  • Flu virus ...and more!

A fast diagnosis allows your patients to quickly address and correct their ailments before they get out of hand. Providing this type of care is essential to keeping infections and viruses under control, improving the quality of life for many people who may not feel they can afford it. Click "Contact Us" to learn more about how we can help.

Effort aims for easier lead testing in children
"You can get lead poisoning from a lot of other things besides toys," said Nancy L. Schoellkopf, a registered nurse

Wisconsin's Unique Solution to Lead Poisoning Prevention
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LeadCare ® II

The world's only
CLIA-waived blood-lead analyzer ...

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Liquid Controls

Ease of use and flexible ordering with easy application and storage ...

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Rapid Tests

Some of the easiest tests to run on the market today ...

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Avoid accidental needlestick injuries and cross infection ...

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