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The Latest Developments In Common Ailments

Panel urges lower cutoff for child lead poisoning
“Important development regarding lowering blood level level to 5 ug/dl”–

DECKER & TRIPLETT: China's Poisonous Exports – The Washington Times

Lead poisoning may lurk in yards - USA Today

Effort aims for easier lead testing in children "You can get lead poisoning from a lot of other things besides toys," said Nancy L. Schoellkopf, a registered nurse  

Did you Know there is lead in candy from Mexico? - The public Health Trust

LEAD ALERT-Children's Chairs & Stools Recalled -- US Product Safety Commission!!!
“***Children's Chairs & Stools Recalled by Elegant Gifts Mart Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard***”–
News from CPSC.

Lead poisoning: Pay attention, it could be a serious problem
“Children are most vulnerable to lead toxicity because they are at a developmental stage when their nerve tissues start developing. Exposure to lead at this level usually affects their brain development leading to these cognitive difficulties.”– Deccan Chronicle.

The Strep Throat Link to Rheumatic Heart Disease
“Chances are that you either know someone who’s had strep throat or you have first-hand knowledge and experience regarding this not-so-wonderful little throat infection and its side effects can be. What you may not know, is that strep throat can lead to some rather serious health complications, including inflammation of the kidneys and rheumatic fever.”–

Increase in RSV cases reported in Southern Nevada
“RSV comes on like the common cold, but is a lot more serious. It can be especially dangerous for children, mostly infants. It can even be fatal.”–

Annual Health Care Costs Rise Dramatically, Says New Study
“Study shows lead poisoning costs $50.9 billion dollars per year.”– Medical News Today.

Higher Blood Lead Concentrations associated with increased Cardiovascular Death
“...lead and other environmental toxicants may account for a portion of the burden of cardiovascular disease”
American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

ADHD and lead Poisoning the mind.
“... researchers discovered that children with ADHD had average levels of lead in their blood that were 20-30% higher than  those who did not have ADHD.”–The Economist.

The CDC Reports Lead May Poison Kids at Lower Levels
“Even kids with blood levels up to 20 can be symptom-free, but the lead can still slow children's neurological development.”– Natural

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