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With Ryan Diagnostics' products, you can provide immediate disease identification and the professional care that comes with in-office screening. Our tests provide rapid disease identification in a cost effective manner. Let's work together to bring quality care to those most at risk.

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Lead Poisoning Facts

1. Lead Poisoning is a preventable disease.

2. All Medicaid children are required by federal law to have a blood lead test at ages 1 and 2, and up to age 6 if not performed at ages 1 and 2. This also applies to all children in high risk zip codes.

3. All children at the ages of 1 and 2 are mandated to have a screen for lead either with a questionnaire or blood test.

4. All children enrolled in Head Start are required to have a blood lead test.

5. Key findings from the Medical News Today Article

- Lead Poisoning costs $50.9 Billion annually
- Autism cost $7.9 Billion
- Intellectual Disabilities cost $5.4 billion
- Exposure to mercury costs $5.1 billion
- ADHD costs $5.0 Billion
- Asthma cost $2.2 billion
- Childhood Cancer costs $95 million

...Changing Lives

Lead Poisoning Facts

6. The sources of lead are everywhere in our environment: the paint in our houses, the toys our kids play with, Halloween costumes, cooking pottery, dinner plates, candies from other countries, cooking spices, home remedies etc.

7. LeadCare® II is the only portable test for lead poisoning.

8. Ryan Diagnostic's representatives are experts in childhood blood lead testing. Contact us for assistance in solving your lead testing challenges.

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Immediate test results help to provide better patient care, and better outcomes in patient management.
Our mission is to provide accurate, rapid, point of care diagnostic tests, which can be used by the healthcare professional in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

LeadCare ® II

The world’s only CLIA-waived blood-lead analyzer.

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Hgb Liquid Controls

Ease of use and flexible ordering with easy application and storage.

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