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Accurate, on-the-spot lead testing

The world’s only CLIA-waived blood-lead analyzer, LeadCare ® II improves clinical outcomes and is ideal for the physicians’ office, health clinic, or outreach-screening program. Safe, fast, easy, and inexpensive to use, LeadCare ® II was developed with a grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. No more waiting days for expensive lab analysis, or worrying about losing track of a child that needs follow up care. LeadCare ® II delivers quantitative blood lead results equivalent to those reported by outside laboratories in just three minutes. The immediate results improves patient satisfaction and reduces staff time. LeadCare II tests qualify for reimbursement as a quantitative blood lead test (CPT code: 83655).

Key Points

Simple to operate.

3-minute results.

Small Capillary Sample (2 drops) – easier for patient, parent, and staff.

Reimbursable – CPT code 83655.

Portable – facilitates community-based testing.

You'll never again have to worry about losing track of a child that needs treatment!