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Ryan Diagnostics will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Ryan Diagnostics has represented this product since it was first introduced and has extensive knowledge in the product and the marketplace.

Product Support


Clinicians, patients, and payers can realize the benefits from an in-office blood lead testing program, including:

Providing 100% compliance – you know the test gets done

Enabling immediate diagnosis, education and follow up

Increasing patient and parent satisfaction – one visit, one fingerstick

As a result, in-office lead testing is covered by most plans as a clinically important, cost-effective alternative to having testing performed by an off-site laboratory.

The links below are intended to offer providers and staff information and sample letters to assist with the coverage, coding, and payment of in-office blood lead testing.

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Coding & Reimbursement Guide.

To determine how a plan covers in-office testing, you can contact the plan provider line or send a letter requesting authorization.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity

When an insurance company does not pay for blood lead testing because it is performed in the physician office rather than at a laboratory, providers can request a policy change using these sample letters:

Physician Office Testing: Request for Policy Change to allow for in-office lead testing.
Physician Office Testing: Sample Appeal Letter for denial of coverage based on laboratory requirement.

For other appeals, providers may wish to consult these sample letters:

Sample Appeal Letter for Denial of Coverage
Sample Appeal Letter for Low Payment Rate


Providers may wish to include the following supporting documentation:

LeadCare II Product Benefits